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Addressing Late Life Sleep Problems

Addressing Late Life Sleep Problems

Changes in our sleep patterns are normal as we get older. Our bedtimes are set earlier in the evening, and our wakeup times, too.

Studies show that older adults may need a little less sleep than their younger counterparts.

But now, all sleep changes experienced by older adults are normal. Incontinence, arthritis or osteoporosis pain, digestive conditions, and medication side effects can affect sleep.

Sleep problems can even be a long-term effect of COVID-19.

Professional Home Health Care in Portland, Oregon can promote better sleep and all-around health for seniors who live independently at home. Professional caregivers can provide care and assistance to seniors, while family caregivers take a well-deserved rest.

Not just that, caregivers also help clients get enough exercise, manage medical appointments and medications, and eat well.

They provide older adults mental stimulation during the day that helps them wind down and get ready for the evening.

If a loved one has dementia, it’s important to hire a Home Health Care Agency that trains its caregivers on memory care issues.

With Skilled Nursing in Oregon, you can be rest assured that your loved ones will be supervised all throughout the night.

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