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The Different Ways to Pay for Home Health Care

The Different Ways to Pay for Home Health Care

If you’re planning on hiring a home health care in Portland, Oregon for an elderly loved one, it can use up a significant part of your income. Often, families rely on a variety of payment sources to cover the cost of care.

  • Personal funds
    If your senior only needs care for a few hours a week, paying out of pocket is always an option for those with the resources to do so. For example, those using home care services 20 hours a week can expect to pay the home health care agency an average of a thousand dollars per month.
  • Private insurance
    Another payment source to consider private insurance. Some long-term care insurance policies do cover home healthcare services, such as skilled nursing in Oregon.
  • Government programs
    If your senior don’t have insurance coverage and your family can’t afford to pay out of pocket, there are government healthcare benefits available for seniors, such as Medicare, Medicaid, and veterans programs.

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