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When Is Palliative Care Appropriate?

When Is Palliative Care Appropriate?

A common concern among families with ill loved ones is deciding on what type of home health care in Portland, Oregon, will be appropriate to meet the needs of their loved ones. Thus, if your loved one has been diagnosed with a serious, life-threatening illness, palliative care can help make their lives and their condition much easy to cope with.

In a 2011 survey conducted by WebMD of palliative care patients, participants mentioned these particular needs: “being recognized as a person,” “having a choice and being in control,” “being connected to family and the world outside,” “being spiritually connected,” and “physical comfort.”

Palliative care focuses on providing patients with pain relief solutions for troubling symptoms, help with meeting emotional, spiritual, and practical needs, and more. In short, this medical specialty is aimed at helping patients improve their quality of life — however they may define it.

Affordable Home Health Care Agency will work closely with you and your loved ones to better identify and carry out their expectations. Our home health care agency can also provide information for patients and their families to help them understand all their treatment options.

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