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Best Ways to Deal With Caregiver Resistance in Seniors

Best Ways to Deal With Caregiver Resistance in Seniors
One of the biggest obstacles family members face when talking about care is the resistance from the care recipients themselves. Because of the fear of losing independence and admitting that they’re not as strong as they used to, seniors reject the idea of caregivers. To help them come to terms with needing home health care in Portland, Oregon, here are some things you can do.
  • Bring up the topic at an appropriate time. Talking about getting a caregiver when your loved one’s agitated or sick will not make your loved one more open to getting care. It’ll just make them feel frustrated or even uncomfortable. Talk about care when they’re feeling relaxed or in a positive mood.
  • Choose your words carefully. When talking about care, phrasing is very important. Avoid making it seem like you’re deciding things for them. Instead, focus on getting their opinion about the topic and respect their concerns about getting help. Listen to them so you can come up with a positive resolution.
  • Know what they need. Before bringing up home care, make sure that you understand their needs and the different kinds of care available. This way, you’ll be able to answer their questions about home care, skilled nursing in Oregon, and other types of care.
If you need help in overcome your parent’s resistance to care, we can help. You can set up a trial run with our home health care agency, to let them experience what home health care is all about. Contact Affordable Home Health Care Agency today!
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