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Speech Therapy: Ability to Speak Without Limits

Speech Therapy: Ability to Speak Without Limits

Our ability to speak is extremely important for us to communicate or express our feelings or needs clearly. This is how vital a speech therapy service is from your trusted provider of home health care in Portland, Oregon, especially for seniors dealing with a health condition.

When is speech therapy needed?

Speech therapy offers a care plan designed to help in dealing with your speech and swallowing problems. You would need this service from a provider of skilled nursing in Oregon if you are experiencing the following issues:

  • having a hard time to respond or request for your needs.
  • handling your personal matters becomes more difficult due to speech problems.
  • struggling to swallow or feeling a food piece is stuck in your throat or chest.
  • having a problem to speak audibly or being heard clearly.
  • stuttering or hesitating to speak freely.

How speech therapy can help you.

Speech or language pathology plays a big role in enhancing both your communication and swallowing abilities. You might wonder how specifically your speech problems improve through therapeutic care. Depending on your health condition, you can receive a program that enhances your articulation, fluency, resonance, oral feeding, and a lot more. You have to make sure that your provider is an experienced nurse or therapist from a reputable home health care agency.

For hands-on speech therapy services, our skilled staff here at Affordable Home Health Care Agency are ready to serve you. Our specialized care services are designed to improve your ability to speak without limits. Feel free to give us a call or send a message to at your convenience.

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