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Causes and Symptoms of Speech Disorders

Causes and Symptoms of Speech Disorders

Speech disorder affects a person’s ability to form the sounds that allow them to communicate with other people. Although this is completely different from language disorder, some people still mistake speech and language disorder as the same thing. A language disorder affects a person’s ability to learn words or understand what others say to them.

So what are the causes of speech disorders? Listed below are a few of them:

  • Vocal cord and brain damage
  • Muscle and respiratory weakness
  • Strokes and vocal cord paralysis
  • Polyps or nodules on the vocal cords

The symptoms of a speech disorder include:

  • Repeating and adding extra sounds
  • Visible frustration when trying to communicate
  • Elongating words and making jerky movements while talking
  • Blinking several times while talking and making distorted sounds
  • Taking frequent pauses when talking and speaking with a raspy voice

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